Wednesday, April 23, 2008

PC must go!

R. Jagannathan, who has an occasional column in the DNA, is a writer who I can relate to on many topics. One of them is his views on the economy.
I have always felt that the halo behind our current Finance Minister was preventing most rational observers from noticing the mess he was creating. But Jagannathan, in today's column, hits the nail on the head!

"During his tenure, the finance minister has presided over successive years of high growth. But the economy would have grown at close to this rate even if comrades Gurudas Dasgupta or AB Bardhan were finance minister instead of Chidambaram"
Read the rest of the column here:


Krishna Aradhi said...

Heh. That's what I have always felt. The growth rates which are currently being achieved are not because of the Government but in spite of the Government.

And yes, Chidambaram is really leaving behind a mess. The next Government is going to go through some difficult times while setting things right.

Ravindra said...

Yes, Krishna. This is also the case with Laloo Yadav. He is reaping all the benefits that Nitish Kumar, his predecessor, sowed during the NDA regime, as a Railway Minister!