Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hillary loses!

I don't know exactly why... I just cannot pinpoint it.... but the man who won the Democratic primaries to secure the Presidential nomination JUST GIVES ME THE CREEPS!!!

Am I being racist or what? I don't think so. An African-American for President would have normally gladdened my heart, but something about this man is not fitting right!

How I wish it was the lady who I could have been rooting for in November! I don't know whether, as some say, it was THIS MAN, who caused her loss!

In any case, with the Democratic nomination sealed, I just hope that John Mc..whatever wins the Presidential elections in November!


Deepak Singh said...


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Ravindra said...

Hi Deepak,

Thanks for the comment. I will visit your blog too.



dosabandit said...

Just hope that McCain does not pick Bobby Jindal as his running mate. That Jindal definately gives me the CREEPS!!

Ravindra said...


Yes I agree. Particularly since Indians abroad (or people of Indian origin) have a tendency to be more anti-Indian in their views than non-Indians. Atleast thats what they try to portray in their attempt to look neutral. Remember a certain Mr. Tharoor?